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26. March 2018
nRadio – your favorite radio is always at hand! The main feature of this application is that you can customize the interface at your discretion, based on your desires..>>
17. february 2017
The idea behind nRadio app is very good. Without saying that this app is the best solution for the audiophiles, it is for sure worth of trying for all casual users. Especially for those who stream music on the go while going to work or school, or just taking an easy walk.>> - The best streaming radio apps for iPhone and iPad

15. nov.  2016 The developers of this app went out of their way to prove that it’s not just another radio app. You have the power to customize the interface just the way you like it. You can also listen to local stations, search for stations across the globe, or import radio stations from their websites. When you find one that you like, just save it to your favorite list or share it with others. The app also has a speedometer for those of you using it while on the go. And, for those of you wanting to wake up to your favorite station, this app has a wonderful alarm clock feature. more>>

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12 sep. 2016: Featured app >>

With a highly customizable interface, nRadio makes the listening experience more personalized by giving users the ability to manipulate various aspects of the app as well as listening habits. This is exemplified in the ability to alter the background as well as various text element colors to counter the bland stock options available with other Internet radio apps.  >>

apps and applications - Score: 9.0 av 10

There are lots of apps out there that offer a wide variety of music to choose from, but nRadio offers the best in unique options and features that make listening a whole lot easier. >>

iOS App Lists - Score: 8.9 av 10

nRadio is a revolutionary radio app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to easily customize the interface and browse thousands of radio stations from around the world. Extensive customization options really help to set the app apart from other streaming radios. >>

iPhone Apps Review Online - Score: 4.9 av 5

nRadio, if compared to other radio apps in general, clearly shines with its main feature of offering various radio channels from around the world. That, plus the features which make it highly similar to an actual radio only serves to make nRadio outshine its competitors. >> - Score: 8 av 10

Thousands of Stations at Your Fingertips with nRadio. Not only does this app provide a bit of home when you are away, it can also bring some variety to your life. Listen to a British morning talk show or fun Japanese tunes. The app gives you information about the song youre listening to, like title and artist, and sometimes even provides album art work. The look of the app is customizable. When youre moving, you can even use the built-in speedometer. >>

The App Review Zone - Score: 4 av 5

Do you like to listen to radio but are bored with your local stations? Sure you could order satellite radio and pay a monthly fee for it.  However you could also check out the nRadio iPhone app and listen to radio stations from places like USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Iceland, and many many more.>>

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20 Aug 2016: Selected as App Of The Day >>

ThePopularApps - Score: 7.4 av 10

11 Aug 2016: Selected as "Popular App" >>


9 Aug 2016: Entered the top 100 Apps list >>

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